First Assignment – Bristol Zoo Digital Experience

The first brief we were set was the design of a new digital experience for the Bristol Zoo Gardens, utilising technology and the Zoo’s archive of facts and photos to keep visitors engaged and make coming back more worthwhile. In a group of 4 we initially outlined our different ideas for integrating digital technology with the zoo experience and considered how to integrate our various ideas together.

After discussing several ideas including an interactive GPS-based map and zoo-oriented phone games, we decided to bring this together through the development of a phone/tablet app to be used in conjunction with visiting the zoo. This would include a variety of features aimed at a family audience, including our aforementioned ideas for a digital experience as well as other developments – such as on-site QR scanning to integrate the visit with the app seamlessly.

Through these ideas we believed we could fit the criteria of making the digital experience appeal to a variety of visitors, such as the interactive map for use by adults compared to the pets and games for younger audiences.

Our completed presentation for our ideas is attached to this post.

Bristol Zoo Complete Presentation


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