Bristol Zoo Digital Experience – Developing the ideas

After our initial planning phase in the assignment our group set out to further develop our own ideas for use in the overall digital experience, while conferring to keep our designs visually similar for brand synergy and recognition – one way to work on our aim of inciting visitors to return to the zoo. It is likely that if they can identify our digital designs with Bristol Zoo just by looking they may be more enticed to visit again.

The idea that I developed was the design and presentation of the interactive map feature for visitors to navigate the zoo and plan their visit on the fly. My interface design for this took inspiration from similar apps (such as Google Maps) to make navigation around the zoo easier – the interface was designed using the existing map on Bristol Zoo Gardens’ website, to keep with the visual consistency of the existing digital content the zoo has on offer. My design took the online map the zoo already provided and enhanced its interactivity as well as providing users access to it throughout their visit by adapting it for mobile devices.

Nav example

Another concept I put forward for our presentation was fixed green-screen cameras, which would allow the user to look at the animals in the enclosure with the background being an animated overlay of their natural habitat. This was more difficult to conceptualise due to limitations with the idea. For example, the fixed cameras could only be used by one person at a time in order to make the chroma key effect work appropriately, the application for mobile devices to use such an effect on the fly while keeping a steady frame rate would be challenging as such technology likely isn’t that efficient yet.

Furthermore, tying it in to the rest of the digital experience could prove challenging due to its limited degree of actual interactivity – the concept was more an idea for developing the zoo’s technology rather than interactivity. Despite this, it  could still be a possible future development for the zoo.

As such, our group decided to mainly focus on the other digital developments we had proposed, such as my interactive map over the cameras, so that we would have a focused brand and application to present going forward.


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