Bristol Zoo Digital Experience – Presentation & Review

After developing the ideas previously detailed here, we delivered our presentation to our peers on our ideas for development of Bristol Zoo’s digital experiences.

Bristol Zoo Complete Presentation

Overall I believe the presentation went successfully, with most of our ideas being developed and conveyed well enough that they could likely be produced from our concepts in future. In retrospect it would have been more effective to focus our attention on developing fewer ideas more fully, so that our presentation felt like the ideation of one unified digital experience. Rather, each member of our group chose to develop our own ideas individually before bringing them together for our presentation. This drew our focus away from one unified app and more towards presenting our individual concepts all together.

Our ideas, while original and varied, did not necessarily fit in too well together and possibly came across as disjointed ideas in parts. Still, our concepts were well presented and received by our peer assessors, so in hindsight we would likely not need to change our concepts and designs too much but instead focus on how we delivered our presentation and put some more work into integrating the digital experiences together.


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