End of the first semester

Having come to an end to 2013, in the course so far I found our projects useful in developing our skills for planning and presentation of ideas for future digital media. My skills in web design and coding have also been improved through the workshops done in the semester and my independent study, working on my use of HTML5, CSS3 and PHP as well as the adobe creative suite. I have spent most of my time with these skills experimenting and developing my understanding and hope to be able to produce professional-looking pieces of work through them in future.

Our group presentations on digital experiences proved useful as we were able to develop our teamwork skills and also showed that applying digital media effectively to advertise things that would normally not rely on it – such as a zoo for example – could prove difficult and take a lot of thought. Moving forward I think we will all focus on developing ideas together as a group – with a narrower focus on one element of digital media – rather than bringing together multiple people’s ideas in to one project, as this was one of the main criticisms of our presentations so far.

The first semester has proved really interesting and useful and I look forward to furthering my skills more next year.

Thanks for reading so far!


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