Channel Project Brief – Our initial ideas

Going into our new modules assigned with a production group we have been set our first brief – the design of a futuristic online brand-specific video channel with a site and sample video and image content. The theme around this channel project is of design fiction, similar to sci-fi but oriented around futuristic design of technologies, media and interfaces, for example. As such, when we were first thinking of what to base our channel around we have considered it from the point of view of designing progressive technologies and products that we might like in the future ourselves, rather than predicting an outcome of society in the future and basing our media productions on that.

We took some degree of inspiration in the initial design and ideation of our channel from this post on showing potential products of the future from a viewpoint of design and practicality rather than science fiction.

Our group’s initial ideas settled on designing an operating system for the future, themed around a radial menu and a clean, minimalist design. The content of the channel would serve as the developing company’s website, promoting their products with video advertisements and also showing tutorial and demonstration videos showing how to use the system and the perks of it over old (our current) technology.

My next posts will likely focus on the development of this as a brand and as a project, and seeing what happens to our production and design from this initial ideation.


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