Channel Project Brief – Developing the Brand

After our first meetings deciding on the direction of our channel, we since decided on our brand itself and have developed a logo as part of a 1-day project brief given to us on the 14th of January.

To keep in theme with our use of radial menus in our products, we chose a brand name of “orbit” as many of our products would be designed around the features and functions being around a central start menu on the screen – as if in orbit. We attempted to convey this in our first logo designs along with the user’s direct interaction with the interface as shown in some of our first designs below:

orbit logoLOGO 2






Here we aimed to show a blending of our futuristic theme merged with the practical approach of modern technology (shown through the hyperlink hand). For our final design, however, we refined the logo and added a visualisation at the tip of the finger to show the user interfacing with a design similar to that of our OS, to more directly convey the company’s products:

logo square

This logo and brand concept was then presented to our peers – the other groups on our course – for feedback, using this presentation hosted on google drive.

Feedback we got was positive and suggested we construct on our initial ideas to take the futuristic theme further, perhaps developing an actual physical orb that a user can interface with as a piece of hardware for the company rather than just an operating system. We’ve agreed to implement this as part of our project going forward.


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