Channel Project Brief – The first of our content

Having more or less finalised the brand and theme of our channel project our group is now progressing with producing the content to display on our website.

The site, being produced and managed by another member of the group, is designed similarly to our concepts of the Orb and the OS, using CSS3 radial menus to convey this. The most up to date version can be found here at the time of this post, showing how the menus function like our initial designs.

We have also since discussed the details of the video content we are aiming to produce and display on the website, this is in keeping with our initial thoughts of advertisements and tutorials but with scope to also include the physical orb product as well as the OS. My role in the project will mostly be focused on the video content for this, filming and editing (with which I have the most previous experience) while other members of the group work on 2d and 3d animations for this to show the actual products on our site without physically mocking up the products.


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