Channel Project Brief – Progression & Video Editing

Since my last post our group has spent a couple of days doing filming for our site’s video content, specifically we scripted two live-action sequences using ourselves as actors – one serving as a video of user testimonials about their experiences using the orb product, and another showing developers of the OS talking about their design ethos toward the system. I have since been working on editing these videos together.

When we initially changed the scope of our project to also include a physical orb as a piece of hardware produced by our company, we needed to clarify the relationship between the two as otherwise it would feel our channel was simply displaying two separate products. However we have taken the approach to this by considering that the orb, upon its initial launch, would not necessarily be available to everyone due to price and production. This could hinder early users of the orb, so by producing the OS we would allow users to use the orb’s features and functionality on older devices – like phones and tablets – and stay connected with people who have the hardware early.

Other members of my group have also gone further with realising the designs of the orb itself, and have used 3d animation with photographs to show everyday situations it could be used in:

Ashley Orb
3D Render of the Orb in use.
Gym Orb
Working independently to be helpful to the user.

In regards to the video production and editing, it was useful that I had an active role in both the filming and editing processes as this allowed me to make sure the video and audio was good rather than handing footage to a separate editor only to find it was no good due to audio, for example. One of the challenges in filming this project was keeping a relatively level audio level in a variety of environments that we filmed in, which was managed using several takes and cutting in the video to achieve the most professional video possible.

Below are the final edits of the videos produced for our project, hosted on Google drive.

User testimonials video
OS Design commentary video


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