Channel Project Brief – Presentation and Conclusion

Click here for a link to our finalised channel

After a lengthy development and production process we have finally completed our channel concept project and presented it to our peers and assessors.

One element I believe this group project succeeded with compared to our previous projects was brand continuity. We clearly established early on a brand and the theme of our channel and assigned each other roles within the production process, instead of previous projects where group members had been more inclined to develop their own individual ideas to contribute. This time we communicated and cooperated to reach a continuous and successful solution to the brief. An example of this could be in the development videos, where we show the actual website used to host the channel being displayed as an example of the OS itself:

Screenshotted from our video content.

Overall I believe our project went very well. Our video content was done to a high standard and included several advanced techniques such as parallax videos from adobe after effects to actually show the orb in an environment and in use, and showed us all not to limit our ideas to realism or current technology as we were surprised just how well the pieces of the project worked together.


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