Abstract Flash Animations – inspiration

A short brief set to us this week gave us the task of using Flash to create a short animation to sound, in the design constraints of 22mm x 16mm film, similar to early abstract hand-drawn animation. I took cues from Jazzimation (http://folksonomy.co/?permalink=3662), as well as other early animation such as:

Hans Richter’s work:

Len Lye’s productions:

Flash gave me use of Tweens and keyframes for animation on top of simple frame-by-frame animations that traditional producers were constrained to, this simplified the production process for me by allowing smooth, straight transitions on objects, rather than having to create each individual frame of their motion. Despite this I tried to keep my objects and animation within the constraint of a 22mm x 16mm film, keeping it relatively simplistic due to the low resolution of the film.


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