Abstract Flash Animation – Outcome

Flash abstraction from Joe White on Vimeo.

This is the end result of my recent experimentation using flash to animate. The resolution on the video is a result of using the 22mm x 16mm film setting on Flash, set to imitate old-style abstract animation  design constraints – making me use reasonably simple shapes and animations to remain visible at a small size.

The audio used with the animation was simply produced through Garageband, using mostly stock audio to go with the ideas I had when using flash and create synchronisation between the visuals and the audio. I mostly produced the audio with the visuals already in mind.

I found using Flash quite difficult at first – creating works through individual frames and tweens was reasonably alien to me at first based on my previous experience. The process proved rather time-consuming as I was learning my way around the interface and features of flash.

In my future animation projects I will set out to achieve a goal from the get-go, rather than seeing what I can do through the process of learning the software.


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