Kinetic Typography Project – early thoughts

Today we were briefed on our latest mini-project, a motion graphics project using kinetic typography through Adobe After Effects – essentially, animating words to audio. The example we were presented with is below (

Ira Glass on Storytelling from David Shiyang Liu on Vimeo.

As a rather inexperienced media producer I found the message conveyed above considerably interesting as well, I find the issue of finding everything I produce “disappointing” comes up quite a lot as I have found I spend ages trying to get my work just right, but never quite hitting the spot yet – I always feel I fall a bit short or could have gone beyond my final result. I’ve found this quite inspiring to go ahead and produce as much as I can despite feeling this about my work.

After Effects is a program I have planned to start using for quite a while, and on first glance it appears to be a very powerful piece of software. I look forward to developing my skills in this over time. My previous experience is by and large video production using software like Final Cut Pro and Adobe Premiere, I’ve so far found After Effects shares some characteristics with these yet with animation and 3D features – like I previously found in Flash – and I look forward to using After Effects to combine these.


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