Kinetic Typography mini-project – The Outcome

Gravity Kinetic Typography from Joe White on Vimeo.

This is the outcome of the Kinetic Typography project we were briefed on earlier in the week, set to an audio clip from the trailer for the 2013 film Gravity.

From a technical point of view I did not use too advanced techniques in the video, as I had no experience in After Effects prior to this. I was getting used to animating text in both 2D and 3D space and applying appropriate effects, seeing what I could do to enhance the meaning of the text. I have yet to experiment with moving cameras and lights, something I would like to try in another piece of kinetic typography.

Stylistically, I did not choose to change the default colour or background from After Effects’ initial settings. While I considered this, I actually found the white-on-black scheme to work quite well with the clip from gravity, as it resembled the appearance of the night sky or space – white objects on an overwhelmingly black background. This is what I aimed to convey when I animated the “I’m detached” text, where the second word is animated in 3D to appear to drift off into space.

Compared to my previous project using Flash to animate, my goal from the start was much clearer defined this time and I knew roughly what I was looking to produce – using After Effects to animate in synchronisation with the audio clip and the script provided. I didn’t produce the audio to match what I had produced, I set out to learn After Effects to achieve my goal and this proved a more effective and useful learning experience for me this time.

I thoroughly enjoyed using After Effects and found myself spending several hours just readjusting and redoing pieces of the work I had already done, just to see how else I could use it. This is a project and skill I would love to develop further and will be revisiting in the future.


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