First time using Blender – products of playing with it

In our recent workshops we have been introduced to Blender, a 3D rendering and animation program. In our workshops we have been shown through the basics of moving objects in an environment, and using lighting and materials to visual effect. I have yet to go into too much depth and advanced techniques with the software, mostly learning my way around the interface and basic functions.

Over the next few weeks I’m aiming to invest quite a bit of time in Blender, using tutorials to learn how to use Blender in more advanced and detailed ways to get more interesting, realistic and artistic outcomes and productions, to get some nice work for my portfolio.

The stock “monkey” mesh proving scarier than expected.
Using a “lamp” light source in a different manner – inside an object.

These are just the initial products of my experimentation in Blender, seeing how I can get lighting, materials and objects to work together visually in Blender. My next pieces of work should go in to more depth with Blender which I am greatly enjoying at the moment.


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