Blender – “Temple” Project, Part 1

Having used Blender for a while now, I felt it was time to spend more time on an individual project in it to produce a more complex and detailed environment in the low-poly style, going on the knowledge and skills I have developed in it recently to produce either a series of rendered images or a short animation by tracking the camera through the environment.

The style of environment I decided to produce was an asian-style temple in a hilled/mountainous environment, late in the day, so it would require a different approach to the objects and lighting from my previous renders. These are some of the images I took inspiration from when creating this render, in regards to the layout and architecture’s design:

Asian Temple by Howi3 on DeviantArt
Asian Temple on

I am currently partway through producing this render. So far, I have modelled the ground (by subdividing and triangulating a plane) and a set of stairs to lead up to the temple, as well as defining the basic materials for these:

Setting up the environment.

Following this I worked on basic lighting to get a feel for the scene, including the world settings for the sky:

Trying to recreate a late afternoon/evening feeling with the sky.

Following this I manually adjusted some of the vertices to give the ground a more natural, bumpy look. Next up is for me to manually model props for the environment, such as the trees, and architecture, as well as setting materials for them and placing them in the environment.


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