Blender – “Temple” Project, Outcome & Review.

Below is my animated fly-through of the low-poly temple environment I have recently been creating in Blender.

Blender – Low-Poly Shrine from Joe White on Vimeo.

(720p is available on the Vimeo page)

Creating this animation was extremely useful for my skills in Blender. I’ve now got a much better understanding of the way lighting functions in the Blender Render mode and how to create low-poly models quickly and effectively. Stylistically, I opted to differ from the previous 2 low-poly renders posted on my blog and create a render in a different time of day and lighting scheme, to develop variety in what I can do with Blender.

In terms of text and audience, 3D renders in this style could be used as illustrations for another work or could be developed and animated further to be created with the level of detail and intricacy of professional films, done in a l0w-poly style. Due to the cartoon-esque appearance of this rendering style, the text produced would likely be done in a similar manner to animated Disney and Pixar films, with the target audience of (generally) children. Depending on the content of the actual text, however, this could change dramatically – low-poly is a style, not a genre.

In my future use of Blender I will likely look into more complex animations than what is done here, looking to animate the scene itself rather than just the camera. I will also aim to expand my scope beyond just environments, and look to create characters and other objects to use in possible scenes. I also would like to experiment with particle systems more in future to see what can be produced in a variety of styles.


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