Second Year – Design Iterations

I’ve recently returned to Uni for what is now my second year, and one of my first modules is Design Iterations. The aim of the unit is to explore the process of designing and redesigning a media artifact when taking into consideration its audience, the space it is used in and considering its role as a solution to a particular “problem” set out by the client.

The end goal of the project is to use Processing to create a piece of interactive information design for public display in the foyer of the Media School. However at this point in the project we have been given the mini-task of designing a poster campaigning for an “independent Dorset” (taking inspiration from the Scottish independence referendums) and displaying this in the foyer, as an exploration of our approach to creating a media piece when considering the audience and space it will be shown to and used in.

For now the group I am working with has done initial sketches of ideas for our posters, considering inspiration from similarly-themed political propaganda and the points we could raise on the posters to catch the audience’s attention and convince them of the possibility of an independent Dorset – and that if they do not believe in “Dorsetness” in the first place, to create an idea of it for them.


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