Requirements Gathering – Practice-led Research

In order to examine the relationship between visual media in the space and the behavior of its audience, we are designing a poster to find out how audiences react to visual media that they encounter. This lacks the interactivity that my final piece will have, but before diving in to fully developing iterations it is important to gather a basic set of requirements at first – we need to understand how users interact with visual media in the space before anything else. Design work for clients will always have set requirements, however it is also important to make sure the work produced engages the audience and draws their attention in, as visual media in a public space could be used for advertisement, public information, etc.

As such, creating this poster is a form of practice-led design research. “Design research, when it occurs through the practice of design itself, is a way to ask larger questions beyond the limited scope of a particular design problem. When design research is integrated into the design process, new and unexpected questions emerge directly from the act of design.” (Zimmerman 2013). Through designing a media artefact and placing it in public space, more can be discovered and observed than by examining the space and audience alone.

Some of our group’s initial rough designs are attached below, with an emphasis on being eye-catching and promoting the idea of Dorset as an independent state.

10719085_10202630722360482_454262508_n 1558935_770365496338478_169839881_o


Zimmerman, E., 2013. Play as Research: The Iterative Design Process [online]. Available from:


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