Requirements Gathering – Finalized Poster Design

After receiving feedback on our initial poster designs from our peers, our group has finalized the poster’s design and displayed it in the foyer of Weymouth house, the space where our final projects will be.

We have radically changed the poster in this iteration after one session of redesigning it. The color scheme was kept similar to remain eye-catching and relevant to Dorset, and we decided to keep the slogan “an independent Dorset is a better Dorset” due to its simplicity while still conveying the overall idea behind the fictional campaign we are promoting.10733682_10153261362689502_119376921_nThe text design in the bottom left took inspiration from the Bauhaus movement, while the rest of the poster was based on what is perceived as iconic about Dorset – in the background is the Cern giant, the farmer in the center emphasizes agriculture and the flag of Dorset is also prominent. The result is an overwhelmingly nationalistic approach to this campaign, an approach we took due to our inspirations in other posters from Nazi propaganda to the Scottish independence campaign, examples of these shown below:

Nazi propaganda poster showing Bauhaus designs and emphasis on Nationalism
Scottish independence poster showing emphasis on a single figure and “Yes” slogan










As you can see, our finalized poster draws heavily from these similar campaigns but has been adapted to a different context. Our campaign is fictional the audience will not have prior awareness of the idea of an independent Dorset, which should be advantageous to drawing people’s attention. The Bauhaus themes and propaganda style were taken to a comical extreme, such as the chicken and the Dorset armband, which could create a sense of pride if the campaign were real, as the media space is based in Dorset, and by extension the audience are also.


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