Requirements Gathering & Analysis – The Space

Our group has now displayed our finalized posters in the foyer to study the space and how the audience reacts to visual media within it.

The foyer is shown below in thumbnail images:

IMAG0012   IMAG0010   IMAG0009   IMAG0008

Our poster was displayed on the way in, directly in front of the audience as they enter the space:20141016_121420

Studying the behavior of people in the space and their reaction to our visual media proved useful. Students and lecturers simply passing through would often not pay much attention to the media in the area, however people who were for example, having coffee or discussing group work on the tables and sofa’s in the space would take the time to notice and examine media in the area in greater detail – especially if they were nearer it.  The time of day also has a notable effect on the business of the area, with more people passing through on their way to lectures or seminars generally on the hour, while the rest of the time the area is less populated but people tend to stay in the vicinity longer.

Our final project will be displayed on HD television screens in the foyer shown in the earlier images, being animated and readily apparent to anyone passing through or staying in the area. This should make involving and engaging the users easier when displaying our final projects, so I now have a good idea of how many people will be interested in my final work and will likely involve themselves in the testing process.


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